Rawlings PRO205-9BU 11.75″ (LHT)


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Rawlings Heart of the 11.75″ Baseball Glove: PRO205-9BU Custom web & lace

This glove is made from signature steerhide leather, it is an 11.75″ baseball glove for left hand throwers.  The leather is crafted from the top 5% of the center on the steer hides making it stiffer than most.  This glove is designed  for pitchers.

The glove was given the “Works package with a Custom web swap” package, meaning this glove was cleaned, conditioned,  and dyed.  The palm was also padded, the web was swapped, and it was given a complete custom re-lace to match the red web.   Because of the work done to the mitt, it will require a break-in period before it is game ready.  Being laced with red Tennessee Tanning rawhide results in unparalleled durability and strength.  The lace in the glove is also guaranteed for 1 year, should the laces break (under normal wear) simply send the glove back to us here at We String It, and we will replace the lace at no cost.